Would you like a program like this at your school?

If you are in the area we serve, the western slopes of El Dorado County or eastern Sacramento County, we can provide a complete program for you.

If you live outside this area (or even if you live inside this area) we can provide consulting services to help you get your program up and running based upon our model which has been working well for 15 years in schools of differing demographics..

Our after school enrichment programs bring reasonably priced classes right to the campus immediately after school. Our program is popular with all parents; those that want special opportunities for their children, those who work and like their child to experience a break in the extended day routine, those who don�t have the time, energy or the wherewithal to drive students other places for enrichment. We give children a wide variety of choices from yoga to cooking and a chance to experiment with things they think they might like at a moderate price. There are 6 to 10 classes in a session that can extend for 6 to 10 weeks. Each class meets once a week. Our program offers an option to have a performance for the parents at the end of the session.

Program Features:

  • Hires teachers

  • Fingerprints teachers

  • Supervises teachers

  • Pays teachers

  • Produces the flyers to announce the classes in the session

  • Handles the registration

  • Produces lists for the school office staff, the classroom teachers, extended day and the enrichment teachers of all the children signed up for the program.

  • Provides on-site supervision the first week of class

  • Provides a $2 million liability insurance policy

We can customize our program based on your needs, wishes and policies. We like to offer arts, kinesthetic classes and hands-on enrichment classes at all age levels to appeal to a wide variety of students.

We can make it your program by: hiring our after school enrichment teachers from your school staff, your parents and the businesses in your area. We can supply teachers from our staff where you need them as it suits you.

We provide several different ways to fund the program.

For more information  or questions contact:

Misty diVittorio (530) 622-3953 or mistydiv@pacbell.net

August 21, 2018