Sample of Class Descriptions

Children love to cook! The class menu varies with the age group from English Muffin Pizza, Banana Bonkers and Cheddar Pennies to fajitas, creme puffs and full meals. The best part of the class is eating what you just made. Bon Appetit!

Learn the basic techniques of cheer and then incorporate them into a routine with your teacher. On the last day of class, you will perform your routine for family and friends.

Emphasis is placed on being able to follow directions, showing respect and focusing. Not only does this build self-esteem, it improves study habits. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Roar like a lion! Stretch like a dog! This class is for active children who love to use their bodies, be silly and try new things. And for the child who may not be that active or athletic, but will find success in yoga and exercise while making new friends. This class emphasizes focus and control; key things for children to learn and take with them in their everyday life.

ARTS & CRAFTS - Grades 2-5
Fran Hubbard, an instructor at Michael's in Folsom, offers two sessions. The first class of each session is 1 hour 45 minutes; the last two classes are 90 minutes. The cost of the classes reflects the high quality supplies used in the class

Session I: Wood projects have form as well as function: are useful and fun. Students will learn the simple art of sanding and preparing wood, then design and paint or varnish them using all non-toxic products.

Session II: Small projects using Christmas art on the first week. In the last 2 classes students will create a very special gift box with a small jewelry gift inside.

DRAWING - Grades 1-5
Art Wise provides directed drawing instruction in a way that everyone is guaranteed success using a new curriculum every week. This class will help students with skills they can use in school everyday: focus, self discipline, problem solving, visualization, paying attention to detail and development of motor skills. All supplies are supplied. Most of all, Learning to draw is FUN!

KIDSTARZ - Grades K-3:
Belynda Farias, Kidstartz Performing Arts Program teaches skills in singing, dance and showmanship. This award winning program instills self confidence, creativity and enhances performance skills while reducing stage fright. Students have chances for local performances as well as at Great America and Disneyland. See office for more info.

LEGOS CLUB - Grades 4 & 5
Come be creative! Use your imagination! Julaine Dugan will supply 3 models for ideas. You can make and modify the one of your choice or just make your own free form project. Legos will be provided but feel free to bring you own. Julaine has donated Lego blocks to the classroom and is volunteering her time for this class. Funds she makes will go toward building a larger supply of Legos.

HIP HOP DANCE - Grades 1-5
Belynda Farias Amber Kelly is here to teach the best of urban dance. Hip-Hop is the latest cultural trend on the dance scene and offers exposure to street, funk, lock-n-pop and break as a part of this class. Wear loose comfortable clothing. On the last day of class, students will perform for their parents and friends.

This is an introduction to conversational Spanish. It includes puppets, stories, and games that are great fun. Students really respond to this soft approach to learning another language.

Experiment with bubbles and balloons, 'Blob' and color explosions. Classes start with a game and a science question. Students go home with a project and some knowledge of scientific facts such as; surface tension of water, animal behavior and the theory of lenses (water is a mini magnifier).

CLAY - Grades 3-6
Lindy Cook, a teacher at Sly Park Outdoor Education, will teach the basics of clay; from learning the secrets of creating fun pinch pots, to making personalized lanyards. Many other SENSATIONAL seasonal projects. Finished projects will be fired and glazed.

See and hold precious gems. Win prizes while playing games. Learn to pan gold and find out what it was like to be a miner. Rich Dvoracek makes it fun learning about different rocks and fossils. Optional Family Field Trip is Saturday, Dec. 9th, from 1 to 3pm. Included will be a tour of Gold Bug Mine, the Priest Mine (not often open to the public) and gold panning at the park. Participants are guaranteed to hit 'paydirt'. Flyers for the field trip will be handed out the first day of class. The cost is $11 per person.

Make a miniature treasure chest! Create a cool Zen Garden! Build a personal target toy! Martha Fletcher guides students through 6 awesome projects that make great gifts that will withstand the test of time. Projects are a guaranteed success that will build self-confidence while teaching multiple skills.

Other Possible Classes include:

  • Bicycle Maintenance
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Computer Basics
  • Drama
  • Electronics/Mechanics
  • Jazzercise
  • Electricity & Magnets
  • Sign Language
  • Medieval Fun
  • Soccer Clinic
  • Astronomy
  • Volleyball Clinics

August 21, 2018